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 1,000 miles off the Galapagos!

Written by Monday, 15 January 2018


 1,000 miles off the Galapagos -- SW toward the Marquesas,
Well, it has been about a week since setting sail and it is time to change out the flower arrangements. In this Water World of ours, the blossoms are strangely comforting that there is land in the vast expanse around us. One of the best and most unique qualities of a Holland America voyage and especially a World Cruise is that the best of the best florists and in charge of 500 flower placings around the vessel. Eddie and Calista have been on 2 other voyages we have sailed and you know their work the minute you board.
As this is around the world they set a theme of structure that was first centered around transparent globes and twined yarn holding all the blossoms in place and now have put a form of "grass skirt around vases" to hint at the Society Islands in our future/ In fact, the style of arrangement and choice of flowers are so stunning that Eddie has even given lectures about his work and demonstrated the "how to" but the inspiration of his designs are not something he can pass on...You really have to be in the middle of the ocean to really get the delight we do from going around the corner and there is a work of art.