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Welcome to Legendary World!

So a Career in Travel caught your attention? Grabbed your interest? Left you wanting to know more? Great! I'd love to tell you about it and all the opportunities available to anyone interested in the travel industry.

A Career in Travel is Addictive! Many of us thought this would be a fun college job, or job after the kids leave the house or retirement thing to do on the side – and have been addicted for years! And Yes – we also like to have a lot of fun!

Legendary World is a company made up of people. People who like to work with clients and help them dream, explore, prepare, research and take vacations! We are made up of people from all walks of life, all age groups and all education levels. We are people who also like to travel, meet new friends and share what we know and learn with others.

Legendary World is a company that is flexible enough to develop a position around our individual team members needs, but also has enough structure to make sure all the support and other infrastructure are there to achieve individual success. Some of our team work from our retail locations, some choose to work from home and come by the office when needed or to use the conference room. Some choose to work in remote locations like Idaho, Florida or wherever it suits them!

Legendary World is a company that uses technology to connect all of our people together to provide a seamless experience for the client as well as provide cutting edge tools for our employees and clients. We use state of the art VOIP Telephones connected to our servers in Arizona and California to provide instant communication between employees and customers, as well as uninterrupted contact between team members. All information and tools are stored on our servers for instant access over the internet so that we can meet with clients in our offices, in their offices or in a Starbucks! Whenever – Wherever – that is the travel industry of today.

Legendary World is a company that is always looking for good people! If this is the type of place you think you might be interested in and would like to learn more about, give me a call or drop me an e-mail!

We can set up a time to speak.

Scott Caddow
Owner, Legendary World
520.886.7447 x150
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