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Cuisine Aboard

Written by Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Although the Amsterdam does not have a 1/2 dozen restaurants, the main dining room has themes which this evening was French cuisine inspired. Personally, the Dutch dinner was a favorite and we keep seeing the male passengers wearing their black Dutch caps out and about the ship to ward off the sun's rays. There have been offerings of Sommelier Dinners with a flight of wine pairings, Rudi Sodiman's pop -up Sel de Mer restaurant concept of classic Mediterranean fare with a contemporary twist, as well as a tropical paradise Dinner soon to come. I am promised dining under palm trees indoors so more on that later posting!
Of course, as we approach the Marquesas there will be a Polynesian cook-out under the Southern Cross on the Lido which will surely be dreamy. Since many of the guests are repeat HAL guests, everyone is flocking to many of the events because the musical accompaniments have been of excellent quality. Between the jazz trio and the Hungarian violinists and an opera singer who sang at Prince William's engagement, I cannot choose who was more entertaining or had better pitch...really really the complete package aboard...
I personally am hard at work for an hour a day at least learning bridge, as I finally have a teacher whose written materials make sense...then the fitness offerings are at all different levels so if you want to be busy or if not then, it is all up to you. What you won't be is bored!